Geminga’s music flows through dreamy moods, to then shake you up with funky electronic beats. The band gets its inspiration from all over the universe. Each track tells its own musical story. Sometimes with words in English, sometimes in Dutch, sometimes in a made-up language.

Intense, stubborn and urgent, is what Geminga stands for. Whether it’s an ‘ordinary’ popsong or an artistic composition for a choreography like the performance This is me / as time goes by. The essence counts. With that, Geminga’s music aims straight for the heart of the listener.


Due to the corona quarantine most of our concerts are canceled, at least untill september 1th. We do play ‘open window concerts’ for communities such as care institutions. Because we believe music is now more urgent then ever. To ease our minds, to take a moment of reflection, to connect and feel joy together, to comfort us. Read more about open raam concerten (in Dutch) and book us! #staysafe