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De hypnotiserende downtempo, jazz en elektronica van het eigenzinnige Nijmeegse muziekgezelschap Geminga richt zich rechtstreeks tot het hart van de luisteraar. Met muzikale invloeden vanuit de hele kosmos. Dromerige sferen én funky beats, yes we can!

Intens, eigenwijs en urgent. Dat is waar Geminga voor staat. Of het nu gaat om een ‘ordinaire’ popsong of een artistieke compositie voor een choreografie. De inhoud telt. In 2016 kwam het debuutalbum van Geminga uit, getiteld BIPOLAR. In 2019 releaste de band de eerste drie tracks van de nog te verschijnen EP SKIN #2 SKIN, een samenwerking met dubstep producer Mischapex. Op 1 maart 2020 verschijnt de Nederlandstalige EP getiteld DAAROM, waarmee Geminga opnieuw een verassend muzikaal pad inslaat.


Geminga’s music flows through dreamy moods, to then shake you up with funky electronic beats. The band gets its inspiration from all over the universe. Each track tells its own musical story. Sometimes with words in English, sometimes in Dutch, sometimes in a made up language.

Intense, stubborn and urgent, is what Geminga stands for. Whether it’s an ‘ordinary’ popsong or an artistic composition for a choreography like the performance This is me / as time goes by. The essence counts. With that, Geminga’s music aims straight for the heart of the listener.

Geminga’s debut album ‘Bipolar’ came out in 2016. For this album they collaborated with producer and bass player Jeroen Kurpershoek. The artwork was designed by the artist Eefje Bouwkamp.

Central to the album is the taoistic Yin-Yang principle. Everything has two sides that complement each other, and cannot exist seperately. We are modest and arrogant, expressive and shy, chique and cheap, soft and hard. Everything is bound to the dynamic of this principle. The album carries you on a wave from up to down, and back.

JP Pino studied jazz guitar at the Schumann Academy in Utrecht, and with the German artist and jazz guitarist Uli Kürner. He was singer, guitarist and band leader with different bands like Frugifer and Revolution 9. With the funkbands Groove Syndicate and OctavePussY he released several albums, and toured Europa as a frontman.

Claudia Cathérine is a philosopher and vocalist. From her teenage years she has been writing her own songs. In 2005 she founded the Stichting Filosofie & Maatschappij (foundation for philosophy and society), and has organised philosophic cafe’s in Nijmegen for many years. She studied jazz at the Schumann Academy, and with jazz vocalist Ronald Douglas.