Geminga is a dance/pop formation, made up of JP Pino and Claudia Cathérine. Their new album BIPOLAR displays a mixture of different musical styles, such as triphop, disco, jazz, soul, funk and dance, with a lead roll for voice and guitar.

Geminga’s music defies categorisation. The songs lead us through dreamy moods, influenced by Pink Floyd, Everything But The Girl and Portishead, to then shake you awake with funky discobeats, reminiscent of Prince, Moloko and Chic. To name a few.

Intense, stubborn and urgent, is what Geminga stands for. Whether it’s an ‘ordinary’ popsong or an artistic composition for a choreography like the performance This is me / as time goes by. The essence counts. With that, Geminga’s music aims straight for the heart of the listener.